The Eels Fastweb App Makes Available Over $1,000,000 In Scholarships and Grants


Over One Million $1,000,0000 Annual Reasons to Join the Eels

Yes, the Florida Eels makes available through daily notifications over $5,000 each day notifications from Scholarship and Grants Available from private and public foundations scholarships and grants monies available to our players. This is over $1,000,000 per year. Existing players and families receive daily emails through our Florida Eels Team App.

The Eels players also review scholarship and grant information with General Manager Frank Scarpaci. Players learn how to research these available sources. Players write essays and make applications during the season for their upcoming college season. These sources offer hundreds of thousands of dollars of additional monies available to players.

Players also receive notifications of internships in furtherance of their discipline.

Moreover, these scholarships and grants are separate and apart from the finical aid packages available by the colleges and universities financial aid offices. The Eels staff takes the time and exerts all efforts to assist its players in garnering these funds to help make their college experience and opportunities affordable.

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